Oh, Netflix. Just love towards you. Keep the great content coming.

how it is today

For this last study, thought of suggesting a simple feature to one of my favourite brands. It's just that Netflix knows what I've watched before and is able to suggest me new content. But sometimes you just want to go back to that TV Show you watched so many times and laughed even more on episodes you have already seen thousands of times.

I felt like going for a "Surprise me" button, but after some research, it's a feature that apparently existed and it was called Netflix Max. Netflix would simply play something from its catalogue based on the things you've watched. A movie, a documentary, a good episode of a TV show that wouldn't be a major spoiler about the whole show, but at the same time would make me go back and start watching it. Am I the only who would use it?

But I decided to propose a compromise of that feature. For example, I've watched How I Met Your Mother. Or Friends, for years. Even knowing the whole story, I've seen it again and again. And wouldn't mind watching one episode at random sometimes.


Introducing, the "Shuffle" button. Hit and watch a random episode from all the available seasons. A good filter would be rating - as I've watched, it doesn't matter if it's a major episode. It would look like this:

I do think it could also work for movies, making people discover even more content. I'd be using it for sure.

Thank you for reading. This journey has been fun. You are very welcome to share with me any thoughts you might have.