organize playlist
Back to Spotify. Yeah, I listen to music the whole day, so Spotify is probably my must used app - it's always on.

how it is today

To be honest, I thought of working on something for SoundCloud, but due to recent news, I'm sure they have bigger business problems - although I see UX as an important business topic, SoundCloud's goes way beoyond that right now.

So let's talk playlists. I have 40+ playlists - I'm not sure if it's a lot compared to other heavy users. But anyway, it's enough to make the case here.

Like many other people I know, you have your favourites that you're going back to. It changes over time, right? With playlists, it works the same way. Within these 40+ playlists I have, I'm always switching between of 3 or 4 of them on a daily basis. My problem: the more playlists I create, the harder it gets to find the ones I want to play in the list because Spotify doesn't have a "Sort by" feature to playlists. There is the "Most played" area, but it mixes songs and playlists, so it doesn't solve the problem. I'm aware I can move them up and down, but it's not practical when you're always creating/adding music. A cut of my screen looks like this today:


I like how Facebook, for example, automatically organizes the groups' shortcuts, learning and displaying the ones I visit the most. Maybe Spotify could have the same here. No favourite button, no "Sort by" item, just learn and display it. A slight color change for the playlists I've not been playing much lately would also be applied. My list of playlists (that sounds weird) would self-organize and it would look like this:

Thank you for reading. You are very welcome to share with me any thoughts you have. That's it for today.