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About UX21

User Experience Design encompasses a great amount of items and it’s not only about looking at and interacting with screens. From business and user needs/goals, their journey and processes before, during and after, to the design of every point of interaction (physical and digital), including screens, scripts, the label of a button or a message to give direction in a space, and how everything connects and makes the brand stronger: this is what I understand as UX.

With this project, I’m tackling a tiny part of it: user journey, needs, prototyping and a bit of visual design. It’s part of the product’s life cycle constant improvement, but more importantly, part of my learning and development process. Furthermore, I strongly believe UX Designers (and everyone involved in a specific project/product) need to understand every aspect of the business before jumping into their specific work. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to some vital business information regarding the chosen services and products, so maybe there could be the case that product owners have had similar thoughts about a feature, but there are other items in the list of priorities that could have a stronger connection with a business goal.

This is a perspective of a user, but there are others, right? I didn’t have the goal of reinventing products, but exercising my analytical and creative part towards everyday's features. I’m not whatsoever the master of truth, so bear in mind that this is just a form of practicing. You might have a different opinion, maybe one that could invalidate or even improve what I thought. Share it with me, it would be great.

Rodrigo Bardin