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I've been using LinkedIn quite a lot lately, but I'm not a fan of the whole experience. For some reason, it just feels too corporate for me - in a bad way.

how it is today

But not talking about the whole service, let me focus on one part of it, maybe a controversial one - and this also goes, actually, to different social media services, like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. How the users get to choose the way they want to view the content: chronologically or "top posts", whatever it means. Yes, business decision (a way to make more "engaging" pages/posts to appear more times in your newsfeed), but one that doesn't put the user in the center of it.

It's just very annoying to having to change the view myself every time I check the Newsfeed. Facebook sort of saves my choice for a while after clicking the "Most Recent" option inside the "News Feed" button, but it changes back to "Top Stories" automatically when it wants. In the app, you have to go to a different section to tap the "Most Recent" button. LinkedIn is always on top - if you change to "Recent", the HELP section says it will be switched back to "Top" when you leave the page. Plus, the area where you can change it (under the one where you write a post) is not so visible - probably because they don't want you to use it that much. Plus (number 2), because of the algorithm and, therefore, the "Top" view thing, LinkedIn's newsfeed keeps showing me the same posts for days, even when I visited the page in those days - and it's not like I don't have that many connections. C'mon. On Twitter (the app), you have to go to Preferences to change it, but at least the service saves my choice.


There is no point in working on redesigning these features, because it is simply a decision to let the user chooses how they want to see the content and save it. Period.

Thank you for reading. You are very welcome to share with me any thoughts you have. That's it for today.