show existent content when searching
In the previous study about Spotify's experience, I wrote how the product gives me the opportunity to always discover new music. I'd hope the search feature would help me with that a bit more.

how it is today

I believe more than 80% of the music I have on Spotify are new to me. Both artists and their songs. So there are a lot of them that I simply can't remember the names or song titles.

A few days ago, I saw that a friend was interested in an event on Facebook. It was this concert from an artist I thought I've heard before, but wasn't sure. So I went to Spotify to check if I had something from him, but I couldn't tell only by searching. Apparently, when typing the artist's name in the search field, I just got results from the his music area (page), different playlists he was part of, similar results etc. But I kept thinking that I knew it from before. I checked one or two playlists and there he was: I had a couple songs from him in one of my playlists. It was one of those times when you try to remember the name of a song or band or movie. It happens to me a lot, so I get kind of obssesed with it if I can't find the answer. But hey, why couldn't the search identify it and spare me the time of looking into my library / going crazy? In the example above, both results would lead me to the same page, by the way.


Please, Spotify, just let me know if I have something from an artist/band when I'm searching. The autocomplete would do the job of not showing any information if it doesn't match the data I already have. Here are two examples of recommendation - forgive me, I don't own the font used by Spotify. Prototyping, right?

Here is an example of displaying a result that is unique. I added a block called "In your music list". For example, this song is only in one of my playlists, so just let the user know it:

Another recommendation would be to show how many songs I have from this artist/band. In this case, as the number of results is quite large, by clicking on the "In your music list" block, the user would go to the second level showing the playlists, just like the results are shown currently.

Thank you for reading. You are very welcome to share with me any thoughts you have. That's it for today.