bad work from 2014
a branded heart.
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back then:

If you read “No time for a world cup” and “I couldn’t hack time”, you might remember that after spending my time in Sweden studying at Hyper Island, I couldn't move forward because of visa process around the world between 2014 and 2016. In the meantime, among personal time spending on different skill learnings, I worked for a branding agency in Brazil for a few months. It was the agency that brought to Brazil, more than 20 years ago, the term “branding" and made it a successful business full of talent people.

When accepting the job, the goal was simple: to integrate the digital thinking into the branding development. From scratch, we would define the agency’s digital role when applied to every branding project. A dream job, except for: the culture clash.

Culture, and the learning exchange it provides, is the one reason I’m trying to change my life. And it’s a top priority for me to decide if I should stay or go.



I wasn’t ready to return to the culture I was so desperately trying to get away from. And this feeling spilled on the work environment, it crossed the line and made everything blurry. My head was elsewhere and wanted different things.

Don’t waste time.
Yours and others’.

this was a bad work from 2014

reflect & learn

Culture is a big thing. Personally, with what surrounds our lives, and professionally, on how things happen in the workplace. Living abroad made me realize both that I wanted to be out of Brazil forever as well as I wanted to do something to fix the country somehow. A very difficult conflict. And I’ve decided that I should pursue and experience a different environment in its full charge to understand where I adapt better. To be able to go through a new journey and see what I identify myself the most with.

For some reason, although I left in good terms, I never got the chance to talk with the agency’s owner again, but I apologize with her now if the expectations on me weren’t met. I choose to tell this story here because it made me learn a lot, grow and realize different and more important aspects I want to look for from now on.

So, I’m sorry and thank you, Ana.

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