bad work from 2011
A broken dream.
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back then:

An open and beautiful research available for everyone to access. It talked about dreams, youth’s dream for a better Brazilian society. Conducted by an amazing research agency, focused on trends, behaviour and innovation, it identified people from all over the country making real transformation. We had sponsored all the work. Cut.

Then a social app. An amazing concept which enabled people to share their stories, their ideas, their action towards change. Incredible execution by one of my dearest agencies in Brazil. Everything was connected to the research. What a duo!

But in somewhere along the project, we said it was going to grow “organically”. We had a big Facebook community, people would find it, visit it, navigate through the app’s content and submit their dreams/ideas naturally. But no. A great piece of work remained almost hidden.

It’s not a crime to put up some ads, if it’s done the right way. Specially when you have valuable content to show.



I’ve spent too much time managing what was being created and expected it was stronger enough to live by itself. The truth is, it wasn't. When we got to invite people in, it was too late.

There is no great party if there is no guests.

this was a bad work from 2011

reflect & learn

I should’ve adapted, redirected, but faster. Overtime, I became less fond of advertising, just because we have too much of them around with just a few that are worth it. And it made me reluctant to use it in the first place. But if done correctly, it can go from interrupting and disturbing to a good and exciting invitation. We saw that happening in the end, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.

Also, I started asking myself everyday if the initial expected outcome was being met and how we (team) were planning to get there. I feel it’s always good to write down in the beginning, make it visible and check in once a day ’til the project is over. If something is missing, you’ll see it. It’s just a matter of when.

Finally, I’ve erased the words organically and naturally from my vocabulary.

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