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a levitating

how to change the way people perceive time?

One of the few things we all share as humans is time, even though we are separate by timezones. Seconds, minutes, hours, months, years. STORY was conceived from a fascination and passion on how we all perceive time, which can be quite different from one person to the other, even if we are locked in those same numbers, and also Flyte's' love for levitating objects. STORY's unique way to measure time might have passed through your timeline between February and March of 2017, reaching an incredible mark of more than 1,500 backers and almost $700,000 USD in pledges on Kickstarter.

Role: Creative collaboration all over during pre-launch period (page campaign UX, film concept and copywriting, PR material copywriting) and Community Manager / PR during the campaign.

Coverage: The Verge, Ignant, This Is Colossal, Design Boom, PSFK, Business Insider, Tabi Labo

Website: Story on Kickstarter

Amsterdam Sauer

Craft at its greatest
How can an almost 75-year-old jewelry brand reintroduce itself and its beautiful art?

Few are the ones who can actually call themselves “a craftstman”. So why not celebrate the amazing story of a young man who came to Brazil and became a legend in the art of discovering gemstones with a brand new website? As a segment of a previous branding platform project developed for the brand, the website replaced a 100% e-commerce version and reintroduced the story of Mr. Sauer and his company.

Role: Digital Brand Strategist, UX Designer, UI Designer and Art Direction.


Itaú bank and Grïngo

i can bank it
How could a bank restart a new relationship with university students and avoid the “dad speech” sort of approach?

We worked with Grïngo (Possible Sao Paolo) to create a new interactive (and a no product offer kind of) experience that consisted on the idea that people can both enjoy life and save money at the same time.

Role: Client’s Lead Digital Strategist/Project Manager

Coverage and Recognition:: FWA SOTD, Wave Festival Gold, One Show Merit
What people said: Adverblog & B9 (in Portuguese)

Itaú bank

A bank being social
How can a more-than-40-million-client bank change the way it interacts with people? You bring more than 100 teams together.

The first Youtube video, the first tweet, the first Facebook post, they were just the tip of a gigantic journey throught several micro projects that lead Itaú to not only be one of the most content engaging brands in Brazil, but, more importantly, to transform the way relationships were built between the bank and its customers. New processes were designed with the help of more than 100 internal areas, new teams were created and new partnerships were established to fullfil the need to generate content, interact with people and use the collected data to trigger changes inside the company.

Role: Role: Brand & Content Strategist, Copywriting and UX Designer for Social Media.

Start here: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.


Love Sharing
One should always have a side-project.

They can be in their safe place or that new spot they had never been to. They are usually enjoying the view or lost on their thoughts. Talking about everything or anything. Sharing something they find interesting or important or just sharing that peaceful moment in silence. And I find incredibly special when I see them hugging each other. That one gesture that symbolizes their connection. A never ending project about all kinds of love.

Here: I Was There With You and on Instagram @rodrigobardin

Hyper Island

Time to

From the tropical country to one of the coldest capitals of the world, it was time to reboot.

North Kingdom, Doberman (2x), Gyro, Snook and so many others. Those were a only few of the companies we had the opportunity to work with in the Interactive Art Director program at Hyper Island, Stockholm. From side projects to real briefs, intense work sessions, hundreds of check-ins/outs and the real meaning of getting out of your comfort zone.

Role (for most projects): Strategist & Creative Concept.

Where: Hyper Island