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1984... I'm in a white van helping a friend with deliveries and we arrive at my school, to see my exam results, which are stuck to the windows of the school. I sat 9 exams, passed 3... disaster. Another year at school and managed to pass 3 more exams but left school. Reality was, I hated school, I hated having to conform I wanted my right of choice.

Fast forward 13 years, I'm now a 28 year old man living at home and trying to download the entire internet using WIndows 95 on my dad's computer. Suddenly, I am in control, choice is mine and excitement is alive. I discover the buzz of internet awards by a chance encounter and then spend my entire 30s in solitary confinement in my parent's spare room building up, what would be, the biggest and most respected internet award... FWA.

I have failed at so many things in life, but I did score the highest ever when seeing a psychologist on a stress test. I was officially her most stressed client ever... we both laughed. She said I was a maverick and I Googled it when I left our session.

If you don't know what a maverick is, maybe you should Google it too. Is it you?

Rob Ford